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Forex Trading – Live Accounts vs Demo Accounts
Traders who want to get into the Forex game should know that the first step is to always demo trade before entering live markets. However, many traders fail to understand the basic differences between demo accounts and live trading accounts. To put it simply, a demo trading account is what traders use when they want to learn. This account makes use of fake money in fake (but realistic) market conditions, to teach traders how aRead More
Technical Trading Strategies
It is very important to focus on a handful of approaches as a Forex trader. However, diversifying is what ultimately helps a trader thrive! You may hone your scalping or day trading techniques and aspire to be the best at them. But, when you have learnt multiple successful trading tactics, you will be able to enter any trading market and emerge victorious! Here are some of the leading technical trading strategies you can follow andRead More
Forex Trading Pairs

The Best Forex Trading Pairs in 2021

Posted on May 28, 2021
One of the best aspects of Forex markets is that they offer you with a plethora of trading choices. From trading hours to the currency pairs, you can choose pretty much every aspect of your trade. However, one thing to remember is that without the right trading pairs selected, even the best strategy might fail! Most beginners only narrow their focus on the USD/EUR, when in reality there are tons of other good pairs too!Read More
Stock Trading
Stock trading is most definitely a tough task if you don’t know your way around the share markets. Without the basic knowledge of stock investing, you will often end up questioning your decisions and be unable to find the right stocks to invest in. The good news however is that you can employ a variety of simple strategies to invest your money wisely. Keep in mind that the field of investment itself is laden withRead More
Forex Buy and Sell Signals
Most exchanges in the Forex markets revolve around buy and sell signals. Of the 6 there are, 3 are candlestick patterns and the other 3 are chart patterns. Though these setups are pretty simple, the main goal is to bring in profits! Let’s take a look at these signals, learn more about them and see how they can be used to make profits! Candlestick Buy and Sell Signals When you’re observing candlestick patterns, we recommendRead More