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5 key things to remember before signing up with a broker


When it comes to picking a Forex broker, several traders make mistakes. They either sign up with someone who is inexperienced or insincere. What many people don’t realize about bad brokerage is that it ultimately leads to losses – even if you do your part right! This is why it is important that you find a broker who is committed to your victory and not just his.

Here are 5 things you should keep in mind while hiring a broker:

1. Check for Regulation

Always ensure your broker has a regulation. In the world of Forex trading, scams happen in plenty. If you end up with a broker who isn’t regulated, no one can save you in the event that that agency robs you! This is why regulation is important. Regulated brokers have to obey certain rules set by national and international regulatory bodies. They protect you from getting scammed.

2. Investor Protection Policy

Many good Forex brokers, like WesternFX, have investor protection policies. This helps the investors stay safe in the event of something drastically bad happening. Likewise if the markets face unnatural fluctuations, this protection comes in handy.

3. Trading Charges

The trading charges are one of the most important ways for a Forex broker to earn. However, some brokers charge exorbitant rates. You need to ensure your Forex broker charges fair rates. In the currency trading space, you won’t be making big money right off the bat. So it is crucial to ensure that most of your initial investment doesn’t go as trading fees.

4. Live Account Conditions

Broker quotes can be a tricky thing to understand. For example, in the event of several slippages happening, most of the money will go to the broker and you will get nothing! But by ensuring live trading conditions you can protect yourself from such events.

5. Tradeable Currencies

Not all brokers have all the currencies, and yours might miss out on something that’s really profitable. There are tons of currencies in the Forex trading space. Before you sign up with a broker, first do your research and handpick the ones you feel work best for you. After that it’s all about working with the broker. If they have the currencies you like using, and the ones that see most profit, then go for it!

With these conditions checked, you can proceed to sign up with the broker. But keep in mind, you will still have to be careful in your trading endeavours! The Forex markets and their residents are volatile. So always ensure that you invest wisely and don’t cross the trading lines. Trade happily and profitably with WesternFX! Reach out to our professionals at +1-646-736-7401 today.