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8 reasons why forex trading is the perfect financial space


The Forex market is one of the most profitable trading markets in the world. This is mainly because of its accessibility, the liquid nature of the currency markets and the huge international playground! As a forex trader you can buy and sell currencies from multiple countries and make a profit unlike in any other market. Since this isn’t a physical trading space, you can make it big just by trading online!

If you have always considered entering the Forex trading market, here are 8 reasons that will incentivize Forex further for you:

1. Forex has a global market: The foreign exchange is very widespread and traders engage with it from all over the world. Did you know that Forex trading markets house a total value of around $5 trillion! That’s the amount of money being traded every day. This makes currency trading incredibly lucrative. The humongous size of the foreign exchange space gives traders the room to learn slow and profit fast.

2. Beginners can start easily: Even if you are an inexperienced trader, you can learn the methods fast and start without having too steep of a learning curve ahead of you! Beginners can use a demo account handed out by most Forex brokers and learn on it easily. These demo accounts give ample learning room.

3. 24×7 markets: The Forex trading market is global, which means that trades happen 24 hours for 5 days a week. Even if one market is closed, there’s always another open during this gap! As a trader, you can use this to your advantage and trade during time periods that are most convenient for you.

4. Leverage lets you profit more: In the currency trading markets, you get what’s called ‘leverage’. With leverage, you are able to multiply the possible profits you could make! Leveraging is the act of borrowing some money from your broker in order to raise the stakes. Keep in mind, while leveraging does multiple your profits, it applies to the losses as well.

5. Liquid markets: The volume of the foreign exchange market is incredibly huge. It is considered as the most liquid market world-wide. You can buy and sell assets without creating huge ripples. This means, your trades will not have too high a risk to begin with, letting you go all-out without having to worry.

6. High volatility for better profits: There is a huge potential for profits in the Forex markets mainly because of how volatile they are. From politics to calamities – several things affect the pulse of the Forex trading space. Even trivial developments leave ripples in the market. For the trader, this means you have a lot of room to multiply your investments and take home good money. However, like most things in the currency trading space, this is a double-edged sword. You have a good chance of winning big and losing big at the same time.

7. Decentralized market: No one controls the Forex markets! There’s very little room for fraud and ill practices here. You can trade freely without having to speculate external parties influencing your trades, like it often happens in the stock trading world.

8. Sell long or short: You can directional trade in Forex easily and profit both ways. Since the currencies are very liquid, you can sell them short or long and profit. Likewise, there is little to no brokerage fee charged on these directional transactions!

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