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how to trade forex trading without losses in 2019


While it is definitely a dream for many to have a Forex trading career without losses whatsoever, the reality wishes to speak otherwise. Every trader would love to work on grounds where losses can be avoided completely and a wholly profitable career can be experienced! However, foreign exchange is a market with an unmeasured level of volatility. Trends change overnight and currency values take the deepest of dips when least expected! Completely avoiding losses is indeed impossible, but why let this worry you when it is just one perspective? You can keep your losses minimal and increase the profits you make, thereby effectively nullifying the effect of the losses incurred and moving towards a more profitable career all the same!

When you start off with Forex trading, it is natural to bag all the wins and see no bad days. However, the global economy doesn’t work that way! With fluctuations happening every now and then, currency values are bound to see shifts, which will undoubtedly result in losses. The main mistake traders are making here is narrowing their focus completely on the prospect of loss and trying ever so hard to avoid it, while it is, in fact, an unavoidable constant!

All the talk about how losses should be minimized and profits should be focused on might go over one’s head.

Here are 3 simple steps to follow:

1) Don’t Gamble: Yes Forex trading is tempting, and no you shouldn’t gamble! As lucrative as the markets are, keep away from overtrading and investing blindly, driven by greed. The first way traders lose money is by overtrading.

2) Prioritize Strategizing: The time you spend trying to plot techniques to avoid losses, invest that on strategizing instead. Powered by good Forex trading strategies, losing a good trade is close to impossible. Every element from the currency to the trade exit should be plotted out.

3) Be Prepared for Bad Trends: Always keep your trades ready with stops and limiters; be ready for a bad trend on any day.

Top these off with the necessary Forex demo practice and you will be equipped to deal with the toughest of trades! Foreign exchange expertise is gained only with time and after conducting a number of trades. Some will end in profits, while the ones lost will teach you to do better. The learner’s perspective, where you celebrate victories but celebrate failure even better, will carry you a long way! This applies incredibly to Forex because money lost teaches a good lesson and this one you are unlikely to ever forget. So start seeing losses as stepping stones to success!

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