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is scalping the best trading strategy for 2021?


One of the selling points of this approach is the lesser risk possibility. Though the profits are little as well, the minimal risk is a huge advantage of several traders. In fact, with enough experience, scalpers can make huge profits! Don’t let the nature of scalping fool you – it is anything but easy. To scalp properly takes a lot of experience and knowledge. And there is no easy way to master this. To become a good scalper, you’ll have to spend a lot of time researching and practicing!

You might be wondering, if scalping dishes out smaller returns whilst being risky at the same time, why do traders prefer it? This is because of the huge opportunities available in the scalping space! When it comes to day trading – the window is small as is. And scalping is one way traders can make the most of their time in the day trading space!

Let’s take a look at Scalping in Day Trades

Day trading is all about the small timeframe gains. As a day trader, you’ve got a day at most, to make your money. Once the time’s up, you take what you have and wait for the next day. When you are presented with such a small timeframe, each minute counts. And no strategy does better at small timeframe profits than scalping!

Here’s what you need to become a good scalper:

Scalping is one of the fastest trading spaces. You will have a window of seconds within which you have to execute trades! To succeed within this window, you will need good technology – not just brokerage.

  • Don’t go for commission models: As a scalper, you will make hundreds of trades daily. Paying commissions for each is too expensive! Get a zero commission broker or one that charges a flat rate on the overall transactions.
  • Get direct access: There is no room for dilly-dally when scalping. You can’t succeed here if you rely on brokers or other agents to carry out your trades – because movements happen every second! So get direct market access from your broker.
  • Top-tier tools: Your usual trading chart won’t cut it when you try to scalp. You need to arm yourself with some of the best trading tools if you’re going to make it big in the Forex space! Start working with tools that give you real-time updates.
  • Outside-the-box approach: Scalpers can’t think straight. You have to be prepared to think on your feet and make calls instantly! Being a nimble trader will help you tremendously when in the scalping mindset.
  • Precise trading: When you are trading in such a small window, precision is everything. You have to make every second count if you want scalping to pay off in the long run!

Scalping can give you the profits traditional approaches haven’t! But like any other strategy, this one too will fail you if you aren’t proactive. Always keep in mind that in any trading space, anything can happen and lead to you losing money. Keep measures like stop-losses in place!

But with that said, scalping is a great approach to trades – and it is extremely fun when done passionately! Learn how you can implement this strategy and more in your exchanges with WesternFX. Call us now at +1-646-736-7401 to know more!