Easy, fast, and hassle-free deposits/withdrawals!

Deposit and withdrawal

Deposit Time: Quick transactions 24/5 between 21:00 GMT Sunday – 21:00 GMT Friday.

Deposit Fees: WesternFX does not apply any deposit fees.

Withdrawal time : 2-7 days depends on withdrawal method.

Withdrawal fees : WesternFx does not apply withdrawal fees on certain withdrawal method.

Available Deposit and Withdrawal Options are:

Wire Transfer


Deposit Time: Funds sent by wire transfer usually take between 2-7 working days to be credited to your account (depends on media bank).

Fees– Specific fee applied for wire transfer depends on specific bank.

Withdrawal time : 2-7 working days depends on media bank Fees : Specific fees applied for wire transfer depends on specific bank

Credit Cards


Deposit Time: 1 hour maximum.

Fees– Specific fee applied.

Withdrawal time : 2-7 working days

Online Payment Options


Deposit Time: Instant credit to MT5 account.

Fees– No fees are charged

Withdrawal Time : 1-3 working days

Fees : Fees depends on specific Payment Gateway.


If you have  access none of above options available please send email to [email protected] or contact us