All you need to know about the Forex market!

Forex Market FAQ

Q: Can the Forex market be manipulated?

Q: Is the Forex market centralized or has a physical location?

Q: Who can participate in Forex trading?

Q: What are the most common currencies involved in Forex trading?

Q: How do I get started with trading over the internet?

Q: What is the spread? Why is it important?

Q: What is swap rate and its impact?

Q: What is margin and how do I calculate it?

Q: Will I get a margin call if I don’t have any free margin?

Q: How do I make a profit in Forex?

Q: What does it mean when you’re said to have a short or long position?

Q: What factors influence the price of currencies?

Q: How do I manage risk while trading currencies?

Q: What kind of trading strategies should I employ?

Q: I’m interested in Forex trading. How can I learn more and get started?