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Regional Representative

Regional representative program is offered for qualified partners who can promote westernFX in their local area. A regional representative must be able to manage a local office and has all the basic understanding necessary to work in the Forex industry can work with westernFX and offer their services on the area/country. This program is designed in such a way that they can earn a generous part of its income as an incentive with in minimum operating costs. It is a big opportunity of starting a good business for people who are not ready for initial investments as the company takes responsibilities of all kind of support and maintenance of back-office and operation.


  • Dedicated support from the company: in launching a local office, advertising and marketing materials.
  •  Providing necessary training to employees and general assistance in the daily business actions.
  • Opportunity to work under the westernFX brand that helps you to build trust to the potential clients as westernFX is already recognized brand in the market.
  • Highly profitable partnership (6$/lot of the commission from all of your direct referred clients and 1$/lot of the commission from all sub IB’s clients).
  • Small primary investment and a little effort.
  • Opportunity to build your own network in your own territory.


  • You need to have a front-office and a team of motivated and skilled stuff.
  • Specific action plan to develop the area and desire to work with the company and help to grow the company.
  • Ability to collaborate with westernFX.
  • Ability to provide support and necessary training courses to the clients.
To know more about the Regional representative program please send us email at [email protected] or fill up the form bellow.

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